Supporting Customers When Releasing New Products

  • 21 March 2023
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Hello Intercom Community! Jordan here - first time poster, long term Community fan. I am a program manager on our Support Operations team. I am currently heading up our new product introduction (NPI) program, specifically helping our Customer Support team plan for inbound volume and supporting Customers with their adoption of Intercom’s new products.


When preparing for new releases, one of the most important things we prioritize are self-serve resources. These resources allow Customers to find the answers they are looking for without being required to talk to a human. Intercom allows us to create a cohesive suite of self-serve resources using the Help Center, Custom Answers and Workflows. How this might look:


Your Customer writes in via your messenger wanting to learn more about how to set up X new feature using recommended best practices.

  • A Custom answer immediately jumps in to help, offering a brief overview of best practices for implementing X product as well as a link to a Help Center article that goes into more detail. The Customer likely finds this information useful and is able to jump right in to setting up X feature.

  • However, if the Customer would like additional information or has another question that Custom Answers don't exist for, one of your Workflows can jump in to gather context from the Customer. The Workflow offers a few options for the Customer to click and shares additional resources based on their selection

  • If the Customer indicates that they would still like to talk to a human, the Workflow then routes them to one of your teams that is best suited to handle the Customer's question.


If you’d like to chat more about how we use Intercom to support Customers when new Intercom products are released, let me know in response to this post and I can share more details!



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