Data Accessibility Challenges: Custom Object Attributes

Hello everyone,

Our team, operating within the travel industry, heavily rely on API calls to extract valuable insights from our database (e.g. departure dates, company codes, destinations etc.) wihin Intercom workflows. We then save this information as custom object attributes.

This setup was designed to facilitate detailed data analysis of our workload while saving our team time by automating the input process for each request.

However, to our surprise, custom object attributes are not accessible through search, reporting, or exporting functions within Intercom. 

As a result, despite the data residing in Intercom, our team still needs to manually input it into conversation and people data to make it available for reporting and exports.

Recognizing the significance of this time-consuming process, we're actively seeking a solution to automate it.

Is it feasible to complete conversation and people attributes via an API call (bypassing reference option), or are there alternative workarounds to ensure this information is accessible for reporting and exporting?

We welcome any insights or suggestions!

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