Default Behavior for Track Event

  • 18 December 2023
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Intercom(‘trackEvent’, ‘myevent’).on(‘fired’, function () {

  // The event has fired.

}).on(‘unscheduled’, function () {

  // The event rules met but unable to fire based on schedule.


See example above: Is there a way to track an event not firing based on not being scheduled but meeting the rules? (meeting rules but not in schedule to be fired)

The reason being that I’m working with javascript where there would need to be default behavior if the Intercom banner doesn’t show.

  • intercom banner → close banner → redirect to url
  • (no banner) → redirect to url

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Hi @adrianmejias !

I’m not fully sure what you mean by an Event ‘not meeting the rules’ and ‘not being scheduled’? An Event doesn’t have Rules or Scheduling in Intercom. It’s either called or not called via the ‘trackEvent’ method. It’s possible your question is expanding beyond the scope of Intercom in which case I won’t be able to provide much help. Perhaps another member of the Community has more experience on that topic though?