"dev_method" from Intercom we ran into an error: The app returned "404".

  • 8 April 2024
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We are running into this error since this morning on the conversations end point

This was working fine before for months and we didn’t change anything on our end. 

We are running 1000’s of api calls a day so the errors are running in the high thousands since this morning. 


Anyone noticed anything ? 



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@Raphael Bochner  Wondering if this is still an issue for you?  I noticed although the seems to show all green, there was a note earlier saying that Zapier was failing and causing issues with the API or something.   I wonder if this timing was also around when you were having issues?

Maybe check and see if things are working smoothly again, if so maybe whatever was happening was related.  If you are still having the issue let us know and hopefully someone from the Intercom team can help you dig into it. 

See screenshot below from the Status page



yup indeed this was resolved and seemed to be the issue