Did the webhook body change for a first message?

  • 11 June 2024
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I think the webhook body has changed when a user sends a message,

For the first message a user sends, I see the below. The body used to have the user’s message, but now it’s null. Also it’s a new part_type `language_detection_details`

Anyone else notice this?

"conversation_parts": {        "type": "conversation_part.list",        "conversation_parts": [          {            "type": "conversation_part",            "id": "2322",            "part_type": "language_detection_details",            "body": null,            "created_at": 1718102859,            "updated_at": 1718102859,            "notified_at": 1718102859,            "assigned_to": null,            "author": {              "id": "7189586",              "type": "bot",              "name": "Fin AI",              "email": ""            },            "attachments": [],            "external_id": null,            "redacted": false          }        ],        "total_count": 1      }    }  }

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Hi @AlexR -- Cam from the Intercom Support Engineering team here.

Looks like you’ve had a chat with my teammate Jacob on this whos passed along the following details which I’ll echo here for completeness…

...looking at the details in your message it looks like the conversation_part that you're referencing is language_detection_details


There wouldn't be a body associated with that. The body is for messages that are sent by the admin or the end user.


The very first part of a conversation is not actually stored in the conversation_parts, rather it's stored in the source attribute.



You can always see a preview of what a Webhook looks like by going to the Webhooks section of your Developer Hub and hovering next to the Webhook name after you add it to your app 👇



You can also keep up to date with our Webhook and API changes in the Changelog page of our Developer docs.


Hope that helps and please do let us know if you have any follow-up questions on this 👍