How do I access the next page of search returns from an API call?

  • 2 March 2021
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How do I access the next pages from of a search result. After the initial query to /conversations/search, with result spanning through multiple pages, how do I make the subsequent requests for the next pages?


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Hello @augustine​ 👋, I hope you are doing well.


You should include the next key in the pages hash, More information can be found here:>




"pages": {

"type": "pages",

"next": {

"page": 4,

"starting_after": "1HaSB+xrOyyMXAkS/c1RteCL7BzOzTvYjmjakgTergIH31eoe2v4/sbLsJWP\nIncfQLD3ouPkZlCwJ86F\n"


"page": 3,

"per_page": 5,

"total_pages": 10




I hope this will be helpful,

Let me know if you have any further questions about this topic.

Thanks Roy. This was very helpful. The answer to my question was staring me at the face all along but for some reason, I kept missing it.

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@augustine​ , Let me know if there will be any other questions, Always happy to help.

Have a great day.