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  • 27 April 2024
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Using the “/companies” with scroll parameters works without problems.


Somehow though I need a way to read companies starting with the most recently added, and it seems “companies/list” is the only way to do that. 


No matter how I query “companies/list”, no matter what parameters I set for 

page, per_page and  order


I always get this same error:

{"type"=>"error.list", "request_id"=>"003kmpu8u10s0f0dgeb0", "errors"=>[{"code"=>"company_not_found", "message"=>"Company Not Found"}]}


Can you advise?


Best answer by mateusz.leszkiewicz 30 April 2024, 16:05

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Hi Fabian, It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

I’ve just tested it on my test workspace, and the endpoint List All Companies works fine.
Can you test it on our website, please? 👆
If it is still not working for you, can you reach out to us with the request snippet you are using to make that request, please?
It might be some bigger issue here.