Is it possible to trigger the creation of a ticket through the Intercom JS API?

  • 15 December 2023
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Is it possible to get to this screen with the Intercom JS API?




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Hey @charles Racheal from the support engineer team here👋


You can definitely open to the Ticket space in the Messenger! You’ll just want to use the Intercom('showSpace', 'tickets'); JavaScript method mentioned here.

Hi @Racheal ,

unfortunately the method you mentioned only shows the existing tickets, but does not open the creation of a new ticket. Is there a way to trigger the creation of a specific customer ticket?


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Hey @charles 


At the moment, there is no option to open new ticket space/page via JS API. You can currently only access the existing tickets by using either


Intercom('showSpace', 'tickets') -- This opens the list of existing tickets for the end user.

Intercom('showTicket', 123) -- This opens the specific existing ticket by ID.


You can also find the full list of JS API methods here.


This would be a great feature request if you wish to submit it in our ideas/wishlist page.


It is possible to create a ticket via REST API on the server side by using Create a Ticket endpoint. So currently, the only option for you would be to create a custom form on your site for the end users to fill up and based on the information they fill up there, you can create a ticket by using REST API.


Hope this clarifies your question. 😊

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This would be really helpful to be able to do...