Issues with Webhook Authorization for OAuth Integration

  • 3 June 2024
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I am encountering issues while integrating Intercom webhooks using OAuth. Although the OAuth flow works and I can obtain access tokens, I am unable to create webhooks due to unauthorized token issues. I have selected all  available scopes in the Intercom Developer console, but the issue persists.


  "type": "error.list",
  "requestid": "003avbbpvjpgktcsppvg",
  "errors": [
      "code": "token_unauthorized",
      "message": "Not authorized to access resource"

How To Reproduce:

  • Request URL / Headers: 
    URL:  POST
    Headers: Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
  • Authentication method or app type: OAuth 2.0
  • errors: token_unauthorized: Not authorized to access resource

Let me know if you need any additional details.

Could you please assist in resolving this issue so that I can successfully create webhooks?

Thank you for your support.


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Hi adityakanade, It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

I am not sure where the issue is here but please follow the article below to set up Webhooks properly with 

the desired topic. 👇

If you come across any more issues, please reach out to us via Messenger in your Intercom workspace so we will have more visibility on what's going on with your setup.