Multiple showArticle(...) calls lead to unexpected widget state

  • 16 November 2023
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Hello intercom support team,

we successfully integrated the intercom widget in our react application and we would like to make use of the showArticles(...) function to display certain articles on button click. Is there a possibility to navigate back to the home tab directly after opening multiple articles via the showArticles(...) function? Because at the moment, If a user opens multiple articles on a button click the user has to navigate back through all articles which got opened.
Another thing we experienced was that, after the user navigated all the way back, the help tab of the widget was shown without any possibility to select another tab or was blank without any content. Is there a possibility to avoid that?

Messanger without content in the help tab
Scaled home tab without navigation possibilities after back navigation in an article. 



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Hi @Nadine Schimanski !

It looks like we have an open issue around this behavior that our Product Team is currently looking into. I’ll add our conversation to that issue along with my notes, in case they’re of any help to the team. Thanks for reaching out about that!

I have facing same issue
Experiencing a white page after navigating back from an article might relate to how the Intercom widget or its associated scripts are initialized, especially if there's a conflict when the page is unloaded or when navigating between different routes or pages in your application. Please let me know if I missing anything. 


Hello, are there any updates about this topic?