Working with Intercom conversation data

  • 25 October 2023
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We’re currently modelling our Intercom data. In the modelling process, I can’t find the answer to the following:

  1. How do we determine whether a conversation was started through the Intercom Chat on our web application or our mobile application?
  2. How do we determine whether a conversation was started and/or resolved by the automation workflow (self-service)?

The source_type and first_contact_reply_type only indicate whether the conversation was started through 1) email, 2) conversation, 3) instagram. 

Hoping you help guide us to finding the necessary data.


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2 replies

The response from the support team:

At present the data on the precise channel an end-user sends a message from is not something that is available via any endpoints or attributes in the Conversation model of our public API.

One workaround you could potentially use to identify if a Contact is messaging from an iOS or Android device is to programmatically match the Conversation activity to the various keys that track the type of channel data your looking for in the Contact Model - browserosandroid_last_seen_atios_last_seen_at, etc.

The data for the self-serve resolutions are not currently exposed through the API, I will submit this as a feature request on your behalf.

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hi @Female Invest !

Thanks for posting the Support team’s response in the thread! You can also set up a Workflow to delineate the channel that is being used to create a conversation and have it store that value in a Custom Conversation Attribute. Those attributes are surfaced via the API in the custom_attributes object that is stored in the conversations object.