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  • 16 November 2023
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I’ve imported a csv file with a number of users on without realising some of these people were already leads, they should never have been leads in the first place but as they were I now have multiple email address and names. Is there a way of merging these leads and users in bulk?.



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Hi @david meakin 

Jennifer here from Intercom

We merge Leads into Users when they have the same email address and the same session cookie. This is most likely to happen when a Lead starts a conversation on a device and then later logs in on the same device. If the Lead doesn’t login, we won’t know to merge them.


If your Leads and Users are created via the Messenger, it’s best to ask Leads to login on that device to trigger the merge. We recommend only having sensitive conversations with verified Users. For more protection, you should consider enabling Identity Verification also!


If you’re creating Leads and Users via the API, you can manually merge Leads and Users.


Upon determining that a lead is the same person as a user, or if that lead signs up to be a user, we merge the lead's profile into that user's profile.


Merging here means that all relevant data is moved to the user's profile, and the lead profile is deleted.


Main situations that would trigger a merge:


1. Merging based on session cookie

Everyone that visits your website in a logged-out state is given a cookie to identify them. Once someone starts a conversation (they send you a new in-app message or reply to a visitor auto message), they become a lead. If a visitor or lead logs-in or signs-up while the cookie is still present, we mark them as requiring merging.


2. Leads with email that matches an existing user


3. Leads that match a user imported from a CSV


Leads created via our REST API:

If you create a lead via the API where a user with the same email address already exists, then that user sends a ping request (by logging into your app), it will not merge.


If you create a lead via the API then create a user via the API, then that user sends a ping request in your app, it will not merge.


Is merging instantaneous/when does it happen?


Most of the times it will happen immediately but since it's actually an asynchronous process, occasional small delays are possible.


When a user logs in and there is one or more leads that are marked as requiring merging (based on cookie or email), we'll kick off the merging process on that user's next ping (page refresh). 


What data is carried over from the Lead to the User profile during the merge process?


  • Conversations (you will see both conversations they had when they were logged in and those started while they were anonymous)
  • Attributes (only if there is no value for the existing attributes in the user record)
  • Events (the first/last occurred and the event count, but not event metadata)

What if the merge did not happen?


If the merging did not occur automatically because none of the above conditions were met, you can use our REST API to convert a lead to user.


Hope this helps 🙏🏻


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It does help, I created a number of users from a CSV import if I understand what you have said correctly will the leads who have a matching email address merge with these users with the same email address the next time they log on?