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  • 22 February 2024
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Are there any maintenance works right now? 
We keep getting the “couldn’t sent” error when trying to reply users in the messenger. I can’t contact Support for the same reason.



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Their status page just update this 

We have been having the same issue for about 45 minutes now. We found a solution to find a closed conversation with the same customer, and you can respond there. Or alternately, reply to the user by email if you have that information. I hope this gets fixed soon, our team relies on Intercom! Those affected are in the EU. We tried logging into IC with a U.S. VPN but that didn’t help :(

We have the same issue in France, I don’t understand why it is mentioned that Europe is not impacted.

Tickets creation are also down. :(

Yep, same here in Germany. No internal notes, no answers, no closing, no forwarding…… It is annoying as hell! 

Yep, same in Spain

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Hello everyone,
It looks like the issue has been fixed.

Could we have an explanation?

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Well, according to the screenshot someone has posted recently here, conversation functionality got broken. I doubt Intercom would reply in this chat. Maybe they’ll post something in the chat.

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Hi all 👋 We experienced an outage earlier today that prevented our customers (including ourselves for a time) from replying to conversations, re-assigning conversations and closing conversations, among other things.

Our engineers have shipped a fix for this and you should now be able to reply to, assign and create new conversations without issue. You can keep an eye on our Status Page for updates on this.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this outage - if you wrote to us via the Messenger we will be in touch with you ASAP 🙏