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we did’t start with Intercom yet. Currently our agents insert some note after having a call with our customers, like a short summary.

So they write some sentences in a memo field and this will be saved in our Software. If we start in intercom we need to transfer this "history" of notes.


Maybe someone can help us with the following questions:

1.) How do we go about transferring these notes into Intercom?


2.) Where can we display such information in Intercom so that our agents can reproduce notes of the past?


Here is a screen of notes in our current software:


We would like to transfer such information in a section of this right section. Where can we arrange the notes?



Maybe someone can help us.


Many thanks,






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Hi @sebastian24381 -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here.

To answer your 2nd question 1st, these sound like they would be consider “User Notes” within Intercom. When added to a Lead or Users profile, these notes will appear in their profile page 👇 (as detailed here)….

...and can be shown to your team as they speak with the end-user in that right-column of the Help Desk by adding/installing the “[Lead/User] Notes” App.

With regard to your question - “How do we go about transferring these notes into Intercom?” - the best way to do this will be to first create your customers Lead or User profiles within your Intercom workspace, then you/your team can add Notes to their profile using the Create a note API endpoint.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you or your team have any follow-up questions.

Thank you for your reply, Cameron. I will talk to our developer and I think the Notes section fits for us!