Intercom incorrectly assigns conversations to companies


Sometimes intercom associates conversations with the wrong companies. How can I correct that?



Product Documentation says:

Conversations and tickets are associated with companies in different ways:

  • Conversations can be associated with multiple companies. They are associated with companies through the conversation participants. When you search by company, we will find all conversations that have at least one participant from that company.

  • Tickets can only be associated with one company. You can choose which company a ticket is associated with when it’s created and change it later in the Help Desk. We will find all tickets that have been explicitly associated with the company you selected.


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Hey @Ben Hizak - Given the nature of this and that we’ll likely need some further details here, I’m going to pass this over to the team as a Conversation to take further action on this issue for you. You’ll get a response from us via the Messenger in your workspace 💬


Hi Bernice,
My sincere apologies, I can’t find this issue in my inbox. Is there a specific ticket number?

Thank you,

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Hey @Ben Hizak! Sorry about the delay here, it looks you’re chatting with my teammate, Vinicius, on this issue 😊