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We’re just starting out with Intercom and are currently completing internal testing of our support chat workflow. One suggestion we’ve received from a tester was to label previous conversations so our customers can easily find a specific chat in their message history. Is it possible to label or tag conversations that will be displayed to the customer? 



Best answer by Nathan Sudds 31 May 2024, 06:54

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@Ceili Solliday This is an interesting idea although I think it’s not possible right now it’s also probably not too necessary for real world usage vs test data -- when you see a user’s actual conversations in that history generally it’s easy to pick out the one you want to open because each one has a unique last message or status.  Here’s an example of my recent chat history with Intercom


You can see that it’s much less confusing than a whole list of the same message that might be created during testing. 

Hope this helps!

Thank you, @Nathan Sudds - this is very helpful!