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  • 23 February 2024
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we are currently facing a challenge. our customer base are car dealerships.

users typically call from the general dealership phone line. there could be several users calling from the same general dealership phone line.

when the general dealership phone line is tied to multiple users, we can't identify which unique user is calling.

in our testing, we called 3 times and 2/3 of the time were identified as User A and 1/3 was identified as User B

how can we solve for this?


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Hey @Matthew Chin


To answer your question, there is no option to identify the right user when they share the same phone number. It is because Intercom will check the existing users’ phone field to identify the user, so if you have more than one profile with that user, there is no way for Intercom to know who is actually calling. 


In such case, as it is also mentioned in our article here, if you have more than one user matching with the same phone number, the user whose phone number was updated last will be matched.


In your case, you mentioned that your calls were identified as User A and User B which doesn’t seem like an expected behaviour. They should all have been identified as the user whose phone field was updated last, unless you updated the User B’s number in between of those calls. Was that the case here? If not, I can certainly transfer you to our support engineering team to check it for you. But again in this scenario even with the expected behaviour, you will receive the calls from one certain user.