Returning to a previous bot from which you came

  • 27 March 2023
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Is it possible to return a user to a different re-useable bot (from which they came)?


To give an example: (all re-useable bots)


Bot A → Bot X

Bot B → Bot X

Bot C → Bot X


Someone comes through Bot A and chooses an option which takes them to Bot X. Is it possible to give them an option to return to Bot A? Since other people can arrive at Bot X from Bots B and C, is there a way to tell which bot someone originally came from so if they want to return they can do that?


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4 replies

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Hey @Sebastian Castaneda Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


This may be possible with a little bit of work! You’d essentially need to set conversation data attributes in your Bot A, B & C and then set up a few conditionals within Bot X. Here is my Bot A (bear with me on the content, I just tried to make it as clear as possible 😆). Before I pass over to Bot X I’m going to update the Bot Conversation Data Attribute to mark where the conversation is coming from:

And here is my Bot X. It looks a bit complex but we are just checking for the Conversation Data Attribute value before we pass back to the Bot:

To write out what it’s doing in text first path:

If Bot contains A pass to Bot A,

else if Bot contains B pass to Bot B

else if Bot contains C pass to Bot C

else (this would be your catch all) pass to Bot A 

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I support the solution from @Racheal - it should work, just to emphasize what she said that you should set conversation data, do not accidently set people data. I guess it can be a mistake that can happen while building it. This will allow you to save the data independently for each conversation so they can do it multiple time. 

Hey @Sebastian Castaneda - just want to check something. Is there a reason you don’t want to use a start over button to do this? You get almost all of this functionality for free with this reply button type; the only difference is your customers will be taken back to the first bot they engaged with, and not the first reusable bot.

If you specifically want to return the customer to a reusable bot earlier in their conversation then @Racheal’s solution is the way to go!

Thanks for the help! @Racheal This worked perfectly for our purposes. 


@Matt W12 was not aware the Start Over Button worked that way. Thank you also for the knowledge. In this case the button wouldn’t work as Bots A, B, C in this case are the second bots the users pass through and we were hoping to get them back to these ones rather than the first (non-resuseable) bot.


Once again, thanks for all the help!