Using bots to add Notes


I have configured different types of custom bots. In some cases, I need the bot to create a note on the conversation which tells my agents which resources to check and if they need to call the customer right away. 

I haven’t been able to find the option to add a note in the settings, so I am wondering if that’s possible at all. 

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance!



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Hi @Julien !


While there is no ‘leave Note’ option in a Bot workflow, there is the option to run a Custom Action in a Bot flow. With a Custom Action you can run a call to Intercom’s or a 3rd party’s API to have it perform a specific action.

In order to automate the leaving of a Note in a Bot, you’d want to create a Custom Action that makes a call to the conversation endpoint of the Intercom API and have it ‘reply to a conversation’ as a Note.

Custom Action in Intercom

Once you set that Custom Action live, you’ll have the option of adding it to your Bot workflow 

Add the Custom Action to a Bot path

Now, when a User goes down that path the Custom Action will make a call to the Intercom REST API and have it ‘reply to a conversation’ with a Note that you pass along in the body of the Custom Action’s request!

Hey folks, we just shipped “Add a note” step in workflows. So now this can be done in a more straightforward way. 


Wow thank you @Pavel Kozlov 

That was a quick integration!