Can FIN Conduct Conversational AI or Interactive AI?

  • 16 October 2023
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What are the most effective methods or tools for training FIN to conduct context-aware or context-driven conversational AI? Is it Workflow or a combination of snippets and articles? Is there a resource one can read to perfect the interplay between these tools?

Is it possible to have FIN adjust its responses based on the user queries and preferences, providing a more customized and contextually relevant experience for the user?

Example scenario:

User: What are the best attractions in Paris?

AI: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral are popular choices.

User: Can you recommend a good place to eat near the Louvre?

AI: Certainly, there are several restaurants near the Louvre. Would you prefer French cuisine or something else?

User: I would like to try authentic French cuisine.

AI: In that case, you might enjoy 'Le Café des Musées' or 'Les Fines Gueules', both of which offer authentic French dishes and are within walking distance of the Louvre Museum.


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Hi @Larry williams jr 

Jennifer here from Customer Support 😊

Fins Answers are conversational in nature and Fin will ask clarifying questions to ensure that the best possible answers are delivered.

Hope this helps

@Jennifer K I have been trying to achieve the same and as Larry mentioned is there a complete guide or tutorial for the same. I have tried to achieve the same result either I able to set up FIN either by using workflow or custom answers but not together. 
I understand that FIN is conversational but how can do that while setting up FIN?



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