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I have a specific question related to Fin troubleshooting capabilities. 


Is there a reliable/recommended way to make Fin ask follow-up questions to user queries? 

For example, there might be a Help Center article for login issues that might involve several sequential steps (some of them are not always relevant), or we might have 2 different versions of a similar product, and the correct answer might depend on the version of it the user is using (let’s say instructions 1 are for a red version, instructions 2 are for a blue version). 

How can we make Fin ask a relevant question (is it option 1 or 2, have you already tried this or that) without providing general answers that might be too wordy? Is there a way to obtain these results directly with Fin and content optimization without complicated workflow setups? 

Thank you! 


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Can you use flow to provide two options for the user to select?

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Hi  Luka Dujmovicz It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

Like lifan wrote, you can set up Fin automations in Workflows.

We have two genius articles about how to make it work.

Please read through this and this articles. 

If you need any help setting this, do not hesitate to reach out to us via Messenger in your Intercom Workspace.