Give AI Fin user specific context

Before Fin AI starts drafting their response I want to give a short text input like

This user is on the {plan} price plan with the following quotas: x seats, y integrations, ...
they are using custom features: {a}, {b}, {c}
Relevant metrics
- metric_1: value_1
- metric_2: value_2
- ...


so that the chatbot can give a much more contextual answer. This feels like low hanging AI fruit to get a much better answer. (ideally it also looks at some whitelisted custom data attributes (CDAs) / user tags)

As far as I know this functionality does not exist.

My proposal is to inject this via the javascript ( ) or via the backend REST API (for example via CDAs)

Alternatively:  I could define a private help article that is scoped only to this person? (via ).  But this really feels like a hack and not sure if it will be picked up by fun.

Any suggestions?


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@Pro Backup  I love this idea and I suspect you could accomplish most if not all of it using Fin’s Custom Actions 

Or if not, you could make a feature request for whatever is missing for you to be able to accomplish it this way because I’m sure the Intercom team will be interested in this use case. 


The other thing I’m thinking is that if you have most of this information in Custom Attributes in Intercom already for the user then Fin should already have access to some of that context as it says this is supported although it doesn’t support CVDAs it does support CDAs:


Support for CDAs

Here’s some use case examples as well for Custom Actions

The other thing that may be helpful is to create Audiences in Fin so you can provide content targeted to a user’s plan levels and specific feature access as well because that might be helpful to you. 


Setting up Audiences in Fin

According to the page linked above “Once this audience is saved, it is then possible to apply it to any of your Fin AI Agent content.” 

This should help make sure your users get to the right info based on their plan level and features especially. 

At the same time I also feel like it would be very interesting to have a dynamic prompt that’s populated by info from the CDAs that you could craft with dynamic variables as well.  I’m not sure if that’s possible at this time but might be worth requesting in addition to what’s possible with custom actions too. 

Hope this helps!

Hi @Nathan Sudds ,

thanks a lot for your thorough answer, I’ll answer in bullet point

  • CDA’s: Do you have some tips on how to inform Fin on how to use them best? Does it help to add descriptions (in settings > people data > edit attribute) ? Should I use some conventions in the names of the attributes?
  • Audiences: check, will use this
  • Custom actions: the docs at don’t mention Fin, does this mean these are completely separate flows (manually handcrafter) where Fin is never part of the conversation. Or is Fin smart enough to know when to invoke a custom action?


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Hi @Pro Backup ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

Regarding your two questions…

  1. The  descriptor section you see when you are editing attributes would’t be used be FIN but this would be a really cool feature to add. I can bring this up with the product team as a feature request to see if this is something they can implement.
  2. Fin currently doesn’t utilise custom actions in any way but I do believe this is in the works!😉

Hope this help!