how can we include beamer feature requests in Fin AI?

  • 21 April 2024
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What is the best way to feed FIN AI with Beamer feature requests? 

foe example, lead comes in and asks for a feature that is under development. 

Unless fin knows about the request, the answer will lead to a conversation.

what I am trying to achieve is to streamline the conversation with additional context to increase engagement, conversion and retention. 




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Hi @Laurent Malka !

Are you looking to feed this data into the AI Agent so it can let customer’s know that something is a feature request?

Fin learns from the documents that you send to it weather that be your Intercom Help Center, external knowledge base, your inbox conversation, along with the snippets and pdf files that your team sends to it. 

That said, there isn’t currently a way for you to directly feed information from a third party tool into Fin. I will flag this with our team as a Feature Request, though!