How to add Fin to Step A of the "Customer Opens new conversation" workflow

  • 5 January 2024
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my team and I are trying to setup a workflow for our users to talk to Fin to answer questions. We are attempting to use the “Customer opens a new conversation in the Messenger” workflow to start the conversation with Fin. However, it appears that Fin can not be placed in step “A. Welcome”. You have to click “I have a question” which points to step “B. Path” where Fin is then initialized and can take over from there.

In contrast, when using a workflow that starts with “Customer clicks a website element” we are able to place Fin in to Step A as desired.

Is it possible to have Fin initialized in Step A for the “customer opens a new conversation in the messenger” workflow? If not, I would love some more details about why this is a limitation. Thank you!


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Hi Nate! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.


You’re totally right, it not possible to use the “Let Fin answer” path as the first step in the "Customer Opens new conversation" workflow. The reason for this is because the “Let Fin answer” path needs a prompt from the user in order for it to work. The first step is intended to get the user to ask a question then Fin can answer based on that.

This works the same way for the “Customer clicks a website element” workflow even though the set up is a little different, while you are able to put the “Let Fin answer” path in the first step, Fin isn’t able to answer unless the user types in a message first.


Hope this helped!🙏