Let Fin send a welcome message whenever a visitor come to our website?

  • 29 November 2023
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Is there a way to let Fin to send a welcome message whenever someone visits our website? Then if the visitor replies, Fin continue talking with him until the visitor chooses “Talk to real person” button.


Best answer by Larissa Alberti 29 November 2023, 18:20

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Hey @ccw 👋

Larissa here from Intercom Support.

Absolutely! When you activate your Fin profile, you can set up a welcome message and Fin can help your customers with any questions they might have.

The conversation can then be assigned to your team if customers choose to “Talk to a real person”.

In order to do so, you just need to set up on your Fin profile ‘How Fin should introduce yourself’ 👇
























You can learn more about how to set up Fin using profiles on this article here.

I hope this helps!

Can Fin send message to visitors proactively? 

Also in my account, there is no profiles for the AI bot, so this feature is available to other plans?

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You can send Proactive Support messages such as Posts, Chats, etc to your customers via the Proactive Support tools in your workspace here!

If you’re looking to send Proactive Workflows you can set those up in the Workflow builder. To send those Workflows proactively, you’ll want to use the ‘Customer visits a page’ trigger. 

You can add the AI Bot to the Workflow path by adding the ‘Let Fin Answer’ action to the Workflow path.