Elevate your designs with multicolumn email layouts

Elevate your designs with multicolumn email layouts


You can now enjoy the increased flexibility and simplicity of designing emails with our new multi-column email layouts and editor improvements.

  • Design emails faster and with ease by inserting multicolumn layouts directly into your email via our editor - edit these layouts to best suit your needs.
  • Preview how your email will look on web and mobile directly in the email editor.
  • We’ve added an undo/redo button in the email editor as well.


Multicolumn Email EditorGo to your Outbound home and create a new email to explore these new features.

Hey team, When i use ,multicolumn email layout, the mobile display gets haphazard. Can you please let me know how I can fix this.

This would be cool except the image/button layouts have lines in them that can't be removed and it looks terrible. Why can't we customize that or edit the HTML of a section without converting the whole email to HTML and it be blank?