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We hope you enjoyed our New at Intercom event today.

We hope you enjoyed our New at Intercom event today. Here is a recap of the new products and features we announced 👀 💬 Enhance customer engagement with the new Messenger Move beyond messaging to create meaningful customer experiences with our most customizable Messenger yet – it’s code free. Convert more visitors. Onboard and activate new customers. Support existing customers at speed. 🎟️ Resolve complex customer questions with tickets Empower your teams to solve complex customer problems with tickets – right from the Inbox. You’ll be able to reduce costs by consolidating your support tools, and stop switching between chat & tickets software with our Messenger-first ticketing solution. 🤖 Build powerful bots with visual bot builder Enable your teams to build bots easily and efficiently using the new visual bot builder – no code needed! These powerful bots will help your customers help themselves and reduce your inbound support volume. 📰 Keep your customers updated with News Share in-context company updates and product announcements with your customers, directly in the Messenger, with News. With granular targeting, you’ll be able to personalize the Newsfeed across the customer lifecycle. 💡 Drive product education and adoption with Tooltips Educate your customers and drive adoption of specific parts of your app with Tooltips - the latest way to communicate with your customers in a contextual and non-disruptive way. ✅ Guide your users with Checklists - in beta Onboard users onto your product or a new feature effectively at scale with Intercom Checklists - a new way to deliver contextual and personalized guidance to users who are in your product that sets them on a path to adoption and long term engagement.