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2023 Look Back - top product releases & updates

 Our 2023 look back is here, a recap of the top product releases this year 👉 Beyond launching Fin, our game-changing AI chatbot, we made some huge updates to ensure Intercom delivers as your complete customer service platform. We’ve made big changes to the help center, innovated and upgraded tickets, and also re-imagined automation with the launch of workflows. Let’s dive in below. 2023 Look Back- top product releases and updates:Fin AI Chatbot — Meet Fin — a breakthrough AI Chatbot.Fin is our breakthrough AI chatbot. Fin automatically solves customer issues with safe, accurate, and conversational answers based on your support content. Resolve up to 50% of support volume instantly, unlock 24/7 support, and deliver CSAT-boosting service—fast. Fin AI in the inbox — your team’s new AI assistant. Fin AI in the inbox empowers your team to summarize conversations, compose personalized replies, and automate tasks instantly – so they can provide fast, consistent, personalized customer experiences. Tickets — Better tickets for your team and your customers. Resolve tickets more efficiently with a redesigned ticketing system optimized for team collaboration and real-time customer updates. Workflows — Automate repetitive tasks at scale with Workflows. Build powerful automations for customers and teammates with no-code building blocks such as bots, triggers, conditions, rules, and Fin. Help Center & Articles — Help your customers help themselves. Deliver help content to customers – and scale your support – with our integrated and highly customizable help center. What's changed in Articles? We've added 40+ new customization abilities and tools for your Help Center and knowledge management.  

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