Exciting Academy news hot off the press.

Exciting Academy news hot off the press. Today, we’re (soft) launching Academy certification!


Academy Certified 

You use Intercom all the time, earning your certificate in Designing and implementing a conversational framework for Support teams just makes your knowledge official!


The exam is free to take and you have 90 minutes to complete 60 multiple choice questions. We’ve shared some preparation material for you to brush up on your skills too, so don't worry!


When you pass the exam, you can access your certificate and share it on social, or add it directly to your LinkedIn profile. Showing the world that you have a growth mindset and are certified in your abilities with Intercom is something to shout about.


🧑‍🎓 Check out the exam here.


So, why a soft launch?

We value your feedback! We want to better understand what you think about the exam, the process of viewing and sharing your certificate online and what certificates you'd like to earn in the future.


If you have feedback you’d like to share you can let us know in the Messenger on Academy here.


We can’t wait to see your certificates out in the wild on social! Best of luck! 🙌

@user223ielle Swanser​ , Thank you 🙏 Already Got my certificate:


Of course @roy s11​ would be the first to get certified - you're an Intercom superstar! 😄

Incredible! 👏👏👏 Well done, @roy s11​!