Interconnected's first birthday!

Interconnected's first birthday!


Hey Connectors, just a short note from me to celebrate Interconnected's first birthday! 🥳


We launched on September 9th, 2020, and since then we've grown into a vibrant, thriving community that solves questions for our customers and helps them connect every single day.


With over 3,600 members and more than 2,200 solutions offered in the last six months alone, I'm so proud of what we've all built together here. This is just the beginning, though - Interconnected will only go from strength to strength!


A special thank you / გმადლობთ / Хвала вам to our six Connected-level Connectors, @roy s11​, @brent w​, @craig​, @user382​, @user1030​ and @kevin b​, for all of their incredible work in helping us get to where we are today.

Sure we don't look a day over 6 months 😆


I'd like to echo @eric f11​ 's shout out to all our members for building a culture that is kind, playful and most of all helpful. You're all the best!


It feels like only yesterday we recorded our welcome video so here's a throwback to that day in gif. form:

[FUN FACT: Eric is actually standing 1 meter behind me in this due to COVID rules]


Gif of Eric & Kate doing jazz hands

WOW! Such an amazing day to celebrate 🍻🎉♥️


I Joined Interconnect on September 8, 2020. Previously I had 4 Year experience working with Intercom and will be honest I love Intercom 💙. I'm also actively reading Inside Intercom (Intercom Blog) which gave me so much knowledge and insights in Support, Product Management, Sales.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 4.46.04 PM 

My first resolution was the following post - Troubleshooting Intercom on Ghost site.


After becoming an active user in Interconnect, @eric f11​ and @Kate Sugrue​ send me the first SWAG pack (I'm still drinking coffee from Intercom cup 😂):

120310109_5047837368563335_1865959912679437543_nThat's me wearing the Interconnect hoodie 😅:

182690132_6093329364014125_5424494120845723866_nOne year of actively helping community members helped me to learn much more about Intercom - Sharing is caring!


I want to thank you @eric f11​ and @Kate Sugrue​ for their amazing job building the Intercom community.

Well done all and thanks @eric f11​ and @Kate Sugrue​ 

It's been a blast! Here's to another year.