Join the AI-Assist Inbox features beta

Join the AI-Assist Inbox features beta

 🔓AI-powered Inbox features are in open beta for all customers.


With a single click in the Inbox, AI-Assist features can summarize long conversations, rephrase responses (including making them friendlier), expand bullet points into full responses – and generate help article content 

Try them out for yourself – join the beta here 

Note: You’ll need access to general and security settings to opt-in.




Also, say hi to Fin: our breakthrough AI bot 🤖


Fin is already in production. Powered by Open AI’s GPT-4 and Intercom’s proprietary machine learning technology – Fin can:


  • Accurately and immediately answer your customers’ questions, helping you reduce support volume and resolution times.

  • Understand complex queries, ask clarifying questions and hold complete conversations in plain English (and more languages soon!).

  • Seamlessly pass more complex questions directly to your human support team.


A bot you can trust, it provides answers based on your help center content only, and links to the source materials it uses. The best part? It requires zero setup – just point it at your help center and turn it on.

We’ll be recruiting beta customers soon. Join the waitlist here

Learn more about Fin 🤖



Is there a recording of the Event - Chat GPT for customer service is here. hosted on March 24th? 

@User832 @Milan You can watch the recording here  or directly on YouTube