Our 10th birthday gift to you!

Our 10th birthday gift to you! 🎁

Intercom-10-Blog-hero-copy-1800x840You might remember that last week was our 10th birthday. Today I’m here to tell you what your birthday gift is! 


Comment below this post with your favourite Intercom features or products over the last 10 years and how they have unlocked success for your business. Everyone who gets involved will get access to an exclusive three part product session with Intercom experts!


In these sessions we will bring you through: 


  • Using Intercom's Series for Marketing 💬
  • Intercom for Customer Support 👥
  • How We Build Product at Intercom 🛠


Not only that, one answer will be chosen for a 1:1 session with our product experts on the subject of their choice AND there’s lots of spot prizes to be won!


So go on, get involved! Have a look in the comments to see my favourite feature!

My favourite Intercom release over the last 10 years, without a doubt, is Series. It's revolutionised how we orchestrate messaging campaigns within Intercom and it was one of the biggest lifts ever accomplished by our engineering team. It's so slick - from UI to functionality and everything in between.

My favorite Intercom feature are "Custom Bots." We've automated our payment by invoice process, which is super slick and time saving. THX.

Our customers are impressed by the speed we answer questions and solve problems. All without leaving the application. I even give support while cooking, watching television, taking a walk, waiting for a bus, ... . Sometimes people ask me if I'm a robot. Nope I'm all flesh, bones, series, chats, macro's and ... hmm... Intercom 😎

Hello 👋,


I have a lot of favorite features in Intercom but let's start from the main Intercom Messenger. The whole companies success started from there, Intercom said that ticketing in customer support is the old way and business needs to move to Messenger-based conversations.


Customers are getting in loved with Messenger-based conversations, the design of Intercom messenger, flexibility, and companies started to move from Ticket to Messenger-based conversations.


Messenger feature is a heart of Intercom 💙

Setting up a triage bot using Custom Bots as completely changed the way that my team supports our users. Instead of spending time asking the same basic questions to determine the user's question, the bot handles that for us, allowing for more energy to be spent on meaningful empathetic conversations.

It might sound a bit simple since Intercom is packed with great features that our customers love, but the most important thing has been the ability to connect with specific users on both their potential issues but also general well being and make it feel personal (which we are, but...) even though we planned it straight from the beginning.

The biggest impact on our daily business comes from the live chat, for sure. But my favorite feature of Intercom is not really a single feature, it's the way that everything is (inter)connected.


  • You need a help center? Intercom got you covered.
  • You need to set up marketing campaigns? User Series.
  • Communicate with customers? Check.
  • Automate conversations to help your support team? No problem.
  • Sending out newsletters? Take a guess...

Starting to get to know Intercom and how it works for our business. Love how easy it is to set up and the examples that are in to make it even better

That's amazing, @oliver r​! Love how Custom Bots has stepped in to manage a repetitive task for your team and saved you time in the process 🙌 have you been able to quantify the time saved here?

@user303​, I love it! That's what we're all about - providing support with a human focus. I'm so happy that Intercom has helped you to impress and delight your customers!

YES! I totally agree, @roy s11​ - we're a messenger-first company and we always will be.

@chase s​, I'm a big fan of the focus here on meaningful, empathetic conversations. Automation always has a role to play in cutting out some of the "busy work" around conversations - and hey, if your customers get an instant solution, they don't really mind where it comes from, right?

@user82​, this is so great to hear! Our mission is to "make Internet business personal", so I'm over the moon to hear that Intercom is helping you build those relationships with your customers!

Heh, I see what you did there @kevin b​ with (inter)connected 😉


Love that our product suite as a whole is helping you and your team achieve your goals! 🙌

@user96​, very happy to hear that Intercom has been easy to set up for you - you have a great resource here in Interconnected, too, if you have any questions!

Hi Eric - Interesting question! We weren't measuring the time spent setting up invoices in the past, so it's hard to say how much time is saved. But, anecdotally, it's a big relief and time saver. Each invoice probably took 10-20 mins to do, plus switching costs. Now we don't even see them. Of course, there are still larger clients who require us to register in THEIR billing system, and become a vendor, and etc. etc., and those clients cost us hours. It's a war of the SAAS admin tools. :-)


Thx for the gift.

So long as it's accurate!


We've had a longstanding issue where Bots/Operator weren't suggesting the correct articles and answers. This taught users to be wary of automated responses, so despite the massive improvements we've made users are still hesitant to engage with the bots.

How come I've missed the awesome news 😱


What I specially like about Intercom is the reach Reporting and App Store, not to mention your role model Customer Care guys.


Congrats from Affise Team 💜

Happy birthday 🙂 !

Wow. 10 years. I remember setting up our Intercom account. I believe I joined a slack (or something similar) channel to get help to integrate Intercom.


Actually we're using Intercom in the same way as we did so many years ago. A super simple way to keep a flowing conversation with our customers both in the app and via email when they are signed out. It is still as good as it was back then.


Happy Birthday

Congrats on the big 1-0! Happy to have been on the journey in the last five!


Our use of Intercom while centralised around customer support has grown to many other areas. Integrations with other apps have provided a lot of value for us — ProductBoard and Jira to name a couple. It helps the non-support teams get the information they need in the platform they are comfortable working in.

I ❤️ Series!

@tatiana d​ I'm so happy that the App Store and our reporting has helped you! What's your team's most useful app? Also, thank you so much for your kind words about our customer support team 😄

@user286​ 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

One of our favourite Intercom features is Articles! It saves us so much time in responding to regular support queries, whilst retaining the personal touch! It's also very useful for onboarding new support colleagues, and sharing our company 'tone' to try to implement in their own support!