Send transactional messages with Intercom

Send transactional messages with Intercom

Need to send transactional messages to your customers? Intercom has you covered. With event- and schedule-based messaging, granular email subscription settings, and our new transactional email deliverability feature, you can ensure your customers always receive business-critical messages.

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 10.50.39 AMTransactional messages include messages like...

  • Account creation or verification
  • Shipping or delivery confirmations
  • Password resets
  • Event reminders
  • Credit card expiration reminders
  • And more!


But unlike other tools, with Intercom you’re not limited to email. So whether it’s in your app, via push—wherever—customers get the message right away.


To learn more, check out this article or this blog post.

@paddy​, @libor​, @user883​, @user1079​ - you were some folks who had asked about this functionality in the past. Delighted to say that we've shipped it!