Company name not showing up in survey stats

All our users belong to a company, and we pass company information when they log in, why isn't it showing the company in the survey stats? image


Best answer by Lisa B11 28 June 2022, 12:23

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Hey @user1313​ 👋


It looks like this is expected behaviour. The company name field will be blank unless the company is being targeted specifically in the survey by using a company attribute.


This is designed this way because if the user has multiple companies, then we won't know which company to record in the UI, but if you include a company attribute, we can display the relevant company.


That said, you will still be able to view the companies of the user by clicking on their name.


Hope this clarifies any confusion!

Is there any work to change this? A large point of the NPS survey is to know the status of an account. With that not listed/showing even in the export, it makes using this data for serving accounts almost useless.

What counts as targeting the company with a company attribute? Wondering if there is a way to include that but be broad enough that it will capture the company name for multiple companies in the survey results report. 

My survey is in a Series if that makes a difference. And in the Series Settings, I have it set to send each message only to the highest priority company. 

I was able to come up with a workaround for this. 


My NPS survey is in a Series. And in that Series Settings, I do have it set to send each message only to the highest priority company. It wasn’t populating that ‘Company name’ column, same as the screenshot above. 


So I updated my Series entry rules to include ‘Company name has any value’. I know that all the users in my segment are going to be associated with at least one company so this doesn’t exclude anyone. 


And that seems to have worked!  Users that have entered the series since this update now have the Company name populated in that list of responses.