NPS survey results - include customer estimated business size

  • 27 April 2023
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I would like to include estimated business size as found in the user profile with my NPS export. 

Currently when using the NPS export function, it appears ‘ canned’ or standard format, I can’t add in fields?

Do you know how I can review NPS data by customer, including estimated business size?
We have this field populated from Hubspot data

screen shot below for field reference - I would like to see this with NPS such that I can better understand NPS by business type



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2 replies

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Hey@Kristin A Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


If I’m understanding correctly, you want to export your Survey results and include the Est business size value in the export, is that right? If so I suggest saving your Survey results to an attribute, then you can filter your contacts by the attribute you’ve selected to save your value you to, and export your contacts. For example, here I created a Survey and I’m saving the user reply to favorite food:

Then I filter my contacts by Favorite food has any value and show my company size attribute in the contacts list:

From there you can export your list!

Thanks for the reply - 

apologies as I am not sure where you are within Intercom when saving Survey results to an attribute?
I have selected customer engagement , I select the specific Customer survey, 

I then visit survey
I see all the rules, but I don’t see where I save results to attribute. 

Can you please provide a bit more direction?