What is a benchmark for an average engagement and completion rate for custom bots on a pricing page?

  • 10 November 2020
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We have recently launched a custom bot (outbound) on our pricing page and want to see if it is relatively successful. So I would like to know what are Benchmark KPIs (engagement and completion rate) to measure our performance


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2 replies

@user459​ We have a similar bot in place on our pricing page. I think a benchmark would be difficult to pinpoint with so many variables that could impact it. I'm happy to share more detail on ours though. It's a basic question with 3 options that provide more info on each. We see a 5% engagement rate.

@user276​ Thanks for sharing this information! Good to hear! We also ask about their intention on the pricing page and offer 3 options. So far our engagement rate is about 4 - 7% depending on the language. According to your answer seems realistic. Thanks a lot.


Happy to get feedback from others as well !😊