Why won't my Custom Bot show up on a button click?

  • 15 December 2020
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I've been spending an afternoon trying to set up a Custom Bot to show up when a user clicks a button on our page (multiple buttons ideally but I'll settle for just one right now). We go through the process of first: ensuring intercom is installed on the site; next: going through the sets within creating a bot under "Operator" > "Custom Bots" -> "From a button" and make sure the button on our site is selected. The rules seem to look correct, but after making sure the bot is live, nothing happens when we click the button.


Could there be a step we're missing?


This seems like would be much easier if there was a Javascript SDK function we could use to "manually" trigger it


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Hello @mark​ , Have you tried manually define the CSS class?


I have done that. I've tried it both ways, one with clicking on the element and one with manual defining the css class, and neither would open the bot when clicked. Good to know that defining the css manually is intended to work though, I'll take that route in the future once I find a solution for my issue

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@mark​  In this case the best way will be to contact Intercom support via messenger.