Clarification on Conversation ID Handling During Lead-User Profile Merge

  • 30 January 2024
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Hello Intercom Community,

I am currently designing an ETL job to ingest daily customer conversation data from Intercom and have a specific question regarding the merging of lead and user profiles, as documented here: Merge Lead and User Profiles.

When a lead profile is merged with a user profile and the lead's conversations are transferred to the user's profile, how is this process implemented in the background regarding the conversation_id and the intercom_id of the transferred conversation? Specifically, are the conversations from the lead profile:

  1. Copied as new conversations with new conversation IDs [conversation_id], but now associated with the user's Intercom ID [intercom_id]?
  2. Or is the existing conversation (originally under the lead's profile) simply updated to reflect the user's Intercom ID [intercom_id], retaining the original conversation ID [conversation_id]?

Understanding this process is important for my ETL design. If conversations are copied as new with new conversation IDs [conversation_id], I won't need to handle conflicts in conversation IDs in my system. However, if the Intercom ID of an existing conversation is updated, I will need to design my ETL process to handle potential conflicts by updating the Intercom ID in my database.

Any insights or clarifications on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Hi @GiMeo !

When you merge a Lead into a User, the Lead becomes that User. This means that the Lead will now have the same user_id as the User that they merged into (because they are a single Intercom Contact now). No change would happen to the conversation_id when the merge occurs, rather the conversation will now be associated with the User’s account.

Hey @Jacob Cox ,

Many thanks for the reply! 

So basically there are no new conversations added, it’s just that, as your colleague's reply in this question mentions: “Merging here means that all relevant data is moved to the user's profile, and the lead profile is deleted.”

Just a small further clarification:

No change would happen to the conversation_id when the merge occurs, rather the conversation will now be associated with the User’s account.

Does this technically mean that in the contacts field of the Lead’s conversations, both the id and the external_id will be updated to match the corresponding values associated with the User? 

Thank you!

Similarly, is the author field of each conversation part that is associated with the lead's conversations updated to reflect the information from the User's account? 

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Hi @GiMeo   The conversation will no longer be associated with the Lead. It will be associated with the User. So anything associated with that conversation will be associated with the User. The Lead, technically, won’t exist anymore because they have been merged into that User. Hope that helps!