Can I install Intercom on an Expo mobile app?

  • 25 October 2021
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I am looking information to integrate our app (built under expo) with Intercom. I really appreciate any information or documentation


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Hey @jazmin j​, although I'm not familiar with Expo as a platform, my understanding is that it utilises React to build mobile apps. While I can't say that this will 100% effective (as Expo is not an officially supported platform), I'd imagine your team would be able to make use of our documentation on installing Intercom using React Native.

No, you will need to eject your app, because you need to edit native code to be able to use the intercom. I did it recently.

@thyago​ @eric f11​ Is it achievable via Expo Config Plugins?

Yes, this is already possible. There is an unofficial config plugin already for the official Intercom React Native library, here:


A lot of unfinished work there though.

great, thanks for your replies. I will pass them through to our Devs.

Has there been any progress on this for react native sdk v6? The config plugin is not working with expo 49 and ios 17.




I’m also looking for such a solution. It doesn’t seem to work. I’m using Expo and I don’t want to eject. 

Adding Intercom on my app would be such a + for my users. Any info regarding this development ? 

I was been able to integrate Intercom with Expo 50 by writing a custom mod-plugin. You can have a look on this repo
There is also a medium article you can find there where I explained the details of writing custom mod-plugins.