Salesforce Account to Intercom Companies Mapped Attributes - some, but not all, of the data is missing

  • 24 October 2023
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Have mapped SF account attributes to Intercom companies.  Most of the data is pulling over just fine (hooray!).  But there are some instances where some, but not all, of a companies attributes aren’t pulling over even though they exist in SF.  I have been spot checking and don’t see a pattern or commonality in the instances.  Just kind of random.  Anyone else seen this?  Any tips on how to handle?  Thanks!


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Hi @Chris Briggs  -- Cam with the Intercom Support Engineering team here!

Am I understanding correctly that it’s only for some Companies that you’re seeing company attributes not get synced from SF into Intercom, but these same attributes are syncing for other Company profiles? Are you seeing any logs relevant to the attributes that are missing data when you look in the SF integrations Sync Errors tab 👇 (see article on this feature here)?

Given the nature of the details that may need to be discussed on this, feel free to open a direct conversation with us on this in Messenger, mention our thread on this here, and myself or one of my expert teammates will look into this further for you there 👍