Can I add anchor links to an article?

  • 14 January 2021
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When using anchors you can't seem to be able to add just the anchor as a link "#example-example" without Intercom adding "https://" in front of it and rendering the anchor useless. Any way around this?


A workaround is to use the full URL but this means that for every link it sends visitors to a new window, which is not great.


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8 replies


Hello @karl j​ , Let me try to help you here.

Q - Any way around this?

A - You are right, you should use full URL + Anchor. Example:>

Take a look at how Intercom implemented this here.

Interom Article Link@eric f11​ mentioned in the previews post that Intercom currently working on this. I think soon it will be much easier to add anchor links.


Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks @roy s11​, do you know if there is any way of keeping the user on the article? I can imagine that customers might get frustrated at this experience. For reference, I'm making a table of contents on longer articles. For example:


Edit: Thanks for sharing Eric's post!

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Hey @karl j​, we're actually going to be launching this as an official feature very soon, keep an eye on our releases page here!

Looking forward to it, thanks @eric f11​!


@karl j​ , Your article looks fine to me.

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@karl j​ Good Job  💪

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Good news, @karl j​ - we've shipped this feature! You can read more about it here.

Thanks for following up, @eric f11​ !