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  • 5 February 2021
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It would be nice to have forum like capabilities. (Like


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Hello @joshua d​ , I don't think that building community product in the nearest plans of Intercom, cause even Intercom using Salesforce community.

That's just my opinion, how about using some famous community portals like:


  1. Discourse - It's free and used by Cloudflare, Amazon and etc...
  2. Circle - New start-up with nice design


I hope this will be helpful

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Yeah thats unfortunate. It would be great for the integration with the intercom platform. I didn't really like Discourse (the look is a bit old fashioned for me) - circle is cool, might have to look into that. I wonder if they have an intercom integration...


@joshua d​ , Discourse is open-source, so you can fully customize it.


What did you mean by integrating Circle with Intercom? Displaying Intercom messenger?

Yes, it's possible ->

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Sorry, I meant that I want ONLY "users" of my app to be able to see and use it (like how intercom can only allow users to view the KB)


@joshua d​ , In this case, you should use SSO, which will allow your app users to log in to Circle without opening an external account (Like you are doing it with Intercom Community).


If you check Enterprise plan offering SSO -


They also have some restriction options, anyway best way here to reach directly to Circle support or their community:>


Hope my answer was helpful 🦄

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Hey @joshua d​! I'd love to see a point in the future where we build our own solution in this space. Being perfectly honest, I'd love to use this community as the perfect case study for our product team as to exactly why we should build this kind of thing!

Hey @joshua d​ I'm wondering 8 months later how you solved that problem. I'm going to look at circle and discourse. I've also found We're running a consumer software as a service business and have already found a number of superfans who now want to be chatting with each other. I'd love to learn from your experience.

Has anyone successfully integrated their Intercom knowledge base with Discourse?