How do I set up the help center to display content to users in different countries? If for example, they both speak English e.g. UK & USA? I see there is support for separating based on language but don't see instructions for doing so based on countr

  • 14 October 2020
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Also on top of this, how would I send different users to different teams based on the same criteria?




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@user384​  Why do you want to differentiate the users based on country? If they speak the same language in both countries it would be the same content, wouldn't it? If there are articles that are only relevant for users of one country, you can add filters in the article settings.

E.g. an article about a UK specific topic and add a filter to only show the article to users in the UK.


Hi @user384​ ,


First you should enable Article targeting from Intercom settings, more information can be found here:>


Once you turn-on audience targeting, you can restrict articles based on user country.

Just go to Article -> Article Settings -> Who can view this article? -> Add a rule -> Country is Germany (Example).


The country will be determined by user location, (where they are located right now). If they are using a VPN, this will affect user location.


@kevin b​ , there several companies like Uber, Deliveroo that provide service to different locations and articles are based on countries.

Like - What works in Germany, don't work in other countries. That's a really useful feature and most of the companies using country-based targeting.


RE: Why: as suggested above, we have similar but different services based on where a user is located so need to be able to help each region with different information.



@kevin b​  @roy s11​ 

Thank you both for your helpful answers, I believe that is what I was looking for!


@user384​ , Always happy to help, let me know if there will be any further questions.