How to easily migrate KB from other provider?

  • 17 January 2021
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Hi everyone,


We're currently using Elevio where our knowledge base is hoted ( We'd like to migrate the existing KB over to Intercom for a more streamlined solution when handling regular day to day support.




  1. What is the painless way of transferring the entire KB over to Intercom? Is there a way of importing the articles in the form of CSV or any other method? I tried the scraping tool in the past and it worked on only a handful of articles...
  2. Does Intercom provides the stats about most common searches and, more specifically, empty searches within given time period? Is that information readily available (like suggestions which articles to add?).
  3. Are we able to add keywords to the Intercom articles?
  4. I read somewhere that images need to be hosted elsewhere, is there no way to simply upload pictures/screenshots directly to the article when writing one?
  5. Does related articles bot (suggestions) come with a regular Articles app with Intercom? I'm specifically looking into possibility of adding suggested/related articles to each article so customers can continue reading through the rest of the KB?
  6. What are the possibilities of structuring the KB at all on Intercom? We're specifically looking to build two different branches (KB vs. Help Center). Is this possible to build 2 completely separate pages and to keep them apart?


Looking forward to the answers.


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Hello @andrija​ , Let me try to answer all of your questions:


1 - Intercom has an export tool but afraid it only works for Zendesk 😕 The best way will be to copy one by one and insert them into Intercom.

I will also mention maybe they can help you with your migration process.


2 - Yes, Intercom can help you to determine what to write and optimize.

More information about that here.


3 - Nope, it's not possible to add keywords, but you can describe the article:

Describe"Write a short article description to summarize what the article covers. This shows up in your Help Center below the article title and in search results. Again, include words people are likely to search for to make it easier for them to find."


4 - It only takes 2 sec to upload images directly from my computer, just clicking the button over her:


5 - You can read that information here


6 - I don't get this question, Afraid It's not possible to build two Help centers in one workspace.

You can use collections to separate articles, more information here.


I hope this will be helpful.



Hi @Andrija 

As previously mentioned, Help Desk Migration can assist you in importing your Knowledge Base (KB) from CSV files to Intercom. Ensure your CSV file includes a heading row with the following columns:


- Title

- Category

- Folder

- Description

- Status

- Tags* (optional)

- Attachments* (optional)


You can download a sample to ensure your CSV formatting aligns with Help Desk Migration’s requirements.

Run a demo migration to see how your articles will appear in Intercom before proceeding with the full migration.