How to use subfolder for Articles/Knowledgebase

  • 31 December 2023
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Can I get very specif instructions on how to use a subfolder, say mycompany/com/help  ( not a sub domain) 

my register is Namecheap

Thank you.


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Hey @Nicky Kalliongis 👋

Larissa here from Intercom Support.

The first step would be to set up a Custom Domain for the Help Center, see our developer docs here on how to do this 👈

If you want to configure a subpath for the Help Center, you can see our docs on how to do this in AWS Cloudfront here 👈

We don't have documentation on how to create subpaths with any other providers (such as Cloudflare), so we would recommend that you reach out directly to their support if you are having an issue creating a subpath.

Hope this helps!

just want to make sure i understand this corect please. in order to have the help domain be

i need to make the folder or subdirectory. - nothing to do with Intercom at all

and then i go inside intercom and point it to that address :

do I still need to make a custom domain in intercom?

and if i am corect all the styles i still do in intercom

im basicly just pointing it from intercom to the subdirectory when i enter the address

do I have this correct, please? thanks!

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Hey there @Nicky Kalliongis !

What you say sounds correct! Like Larissa mentioned, you can find all of the steps to set up your Custom Domain here.

You’ll set up the Custom Domain with your DNS provider and add the Custom Domain to your Intercom Help Center Settings page.

If you want your help center to be secure, you’ll need to set up SSL with a provider such as CloudFlare or CloudFront. This is mentioned in those linked docs.