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  • 8 September 2023
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At the moment if I add a link to my posts it opens in a new tab, which opens in a logged out state. This is a pretty poor experience for the customer. Is there a way for the link to open in the same window?


Best answer by Racheal 12 September 2023, 02:39

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Hey @MessagesĀ Racheal from the support engineer team herešŸ‘‹Ā 


We don't have a way to manually define whether aĀ linkĀ opensĀ inĀ the currentĀ tabĀ or a new window right now, but I'll submit this as a feature request so our product team sees it's something you're eager to be able to manage!Ā 

Our company is also very interested in having this happen - with articles and with enlarging images.