Multiple domains installations - How to control help center links base URLs

  • 10 June 2024
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Our app is multi region so we have and

We are using the same intercom on all the domains.

We would like the links in the Help Center articles to point to the correct region based on the invocation source.

So if a user clicks on intercom all the links in the articles should point to the eu environment, same for US.

Without this option when a user clicks a link in the documentation they are taken to the wrong environment.


Is there a way to achieve that? Use some kind of magic tag in help center articles?



Best answer by Nathan Sudds 12 June 2024, 15:08

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@kostyay Good question, I'm not sure if there's dynamic content available within the article but you could have articles and collections targeted based on there audience.


It may mean having redundant content to manage for each region but you could create region specific content and only show it to the audience based on the url, region or logged in user details etc. 


More details here on controlling who can see an article


I could see dynamic variables based on audience within article being very valuable like it is in other parts of Intercom though so if it's not available it could hopefully be an idea for a future update that could minimize the redundancy of having to create region specific articles or collections. 

For example having the url change depending on the audience details in a block of content instead of needing a full separate article. 


Hope this helps! Not sure if there's another way to solve for this.