Multiple help centres are unusable

  • 9 February 2024
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It is impossible to run two help centres off the same content currently because of the limitations in linking between articles.


You have two help centres A and B


You create an article C linking to article D that is to be used by both help centres


There is no way to do this without duplicating the content.

When you put in a link it has to be to the full URL, there is no “internal” linking functionality.

You should be able to have the article C link to D in such a way that if you are in help centre A, you stay within it rather than it throw you to help centre B.


It basically renders the multi help centre useless right now.


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1 reply

 Hey @Jason L12 👋


Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your feedback with us here.


Your use case for linking articles across multiple Help Centres together makes total sense - if an article exists across different Help Centres, there should be a way to embed links to this article without having to manually copy and paste the full URL from each Help Centre.


I’ll share this with our team as a feature request. The details that you’ve shared here is useful for our team to understand your use case for this feature! 🙏