Problem saving an article - "Block are invalid" "Value is not an integer"

  • 15 December 2023
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Hey all, has anyone gotten this error message before?

I updated an article this morning with some new text and images. I navigated to what is numerically the fifth image and replaced it, but I am still getting the same error message. Never seen this before and not sure how to proceed with updating my article!

I am not even sure what the “integer” problem is/what that means.




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2 replies

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Hey @User1628 👋🏼 Shauna here from Support! 

I’ve gone ahead and opened a conversation with our CS team to dig into this directly for you! Someone will be in touch with you ASAP 🚀 

As soon as there has been a resolution / issue confirmed; I will update this post 👍🏼

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Hi! FYI, I haven’t encountered this message since it came up - I rebooted my system and re-logged in and it seemed to go away. But definitely will flag if it comes up again.