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  • 3 November 2022
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We're expanding our product offering into another business domain. This business domain uses different naming and sometimes different behavior for a given product or feature.


We have a lot of articles. We would like the existing article content to adapt to a given business domain. Ideally, I set a section of content in an article to display if it meets my rule. This way we wouldn't need to copy the whole article and maintain two articles about the same thing. For example:


Rule 1: Target audience = user.businessVertical = clothingRetail

Rule1 = true ? clothing : car;


Article Content


Hello valued RULE1CONTENT customer.


Article Resolved Content (user.businessVertical = carRetail)


Hello valued car customer.


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@jake s13​  hi!


That's an interesting approach - although I see some benefits of it, there's also a downside.


It's true that we do not have the capability to add dynamic content (such as attribute values) or even the whole dynamic section like in emails (see this Since it is already available in messages I see no reason why Intercom does not include this in Articles so I'll @Product Wishlist​ it. The only reason I can think of is that articles are usually available to non-users too, so what would be shown there if you do not have user data. You need a fallback option which in your case would not make much sense, can be even confusion if a user comes as a not-logged-in and there is no cookie to recognize him. Of course, you can limit articles to be visible only to logged-in users.


One reason for not using the idea that you are thinking of is that the article interaction data will be merged for both business domains, and you might actually want to have it split.


Then, the solution that crosses my mind would be that you just duplicate the article (adjust the content) and use audience targeting for Articles to determine which articles are visible to what business domain based on a user attribute. way you also have split metrics.


I know it might create pain to maintain lots of articles that might be the same with just a few words difference, but I can only assume this would not be changed that often, and that other benefits like having split metrics is something that is worth it.






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We really need this too!


We try to solve for this with duplicating a lot of content across our public help center articles and those available to logged in users. But this does not solve the problem, because if they have a link to the article, they still won't be able to get to it directly, we have to rely on them searching to get to the article.


If we include a link to an article (in an email or other place) that is segmented to our users, and they try to access it when they are not logged in, they simply get the default "This page does not exist"

If we had the ability to insert content sections or dynamic text based on conditions, then we could at least get them a link to an article that could assist them.

We would also love to be able to customize what this default error wording says!

There is currently no way to report on how many users get this message or where they are coming from when they get it. This is a huge gap.



While I understand the downsides of the reporting that the other user mentioned, Intercom provides such poor reporting on articles that the benefits of the dynamic content would be far greater than the downsides of reporting.


Agreed. This is a must and I haven’t seen an Intercom competitor do it well yet. 


We have select content that we include in multiple articles because contextually it makes sense and provides users with different paths to find the information they are seeking. Any time content is duplicated it creates a maintenance burden, if all content can be managed once, it would be a huge time saver and lessen human error. When someone needs to go to multiple locations to update information they might miss something. 


I see all the reasons to not do this as excuses to say no.

I’ve suggested something similiar as captured here → 

 Was only after the fact I realised the functionality that I suggested for articles and the Help Center already exists but alas within a Post under Pro Active Support. 

Would be great to have this ability / component “Dynamic Content Settings” as seen in the Post medium in the Multi Help Center option .