Unable to change help center settings

I have full permissions for the workspace. I am trying to change the help center settings but the ‘Save Changes’ button on the top right stays disabled.


Best answer by Nathan Sudds 31 May 2024, 08:08

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@Harsh Balyan strange, which setting are you trying to change? 


@Harsh Balyan strange, which setting are you trying to change? 

Originally, I wanted to add another supported language to my Help Center.
But I’ve tried(and failed) even smaller styling changes like changing the page title for the default language.

For context,
I am able to post new articles.
I use this workspace to test features related intercom oauth for my clients.
Help Center website is turned off. Tried to turn it on but even that doesn’t happen because the button is disabled.


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@Harsh Balyan  Any luck getting this working? I’m invested now 👀

Since you said this is a test installation, maybe this is a DEV version and you don’t have a paid Articles account so you can’t enable the Help Center?  If that’s the case then you can’t save any settings as well because there’s nothing to save and publish.  I know because I just tested on my DEV account but on my paid account that’s on my app site everything is working correctly. 

Reach out if you are still having issues, maybe you can DM a video of the issue if it’s not the DEV versions. 

@Nathan Sudds 
Yes, it’s a dev workspace.
Although I cannot take the help centre live, I can create new collections and articles(draft OR published).
The issue comes when I head to the settings to add another language. I need it to test translations of articles.
I am using Intercom API for searching articles 
Any idea how I can go about doing that?

I got a response from Intercom support. They acknowledged that one should be able make changes to HC(help center) settings like add another language in dev workspace. They’ve added it to their feature request but didn’t give a timeline for it’s release.